Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to offer efficient sustainable public transit solutions that help people get around Gatineau and allows them to travel to where they live, work, study and play.


The Future Today.

Supported by a privileged relationship with its riders, committed partners and a dedicated team, in 2026, the STO will be the recognized leader in sustainable mobility for people living in Gatineau.

The STO will offer the preferred solution in response to regional travel needs thanks to its: 

  • simplicity;
  • efficiency;
  • innovative approach; and
  • alignment with complementary modes.

The STO solution will also have a positive economic, social and environmental impact in Gatineau.

Achieving this vision from a metropolitan perspective relies on the integrated planning of the public transit system and offer.

The STO’s corporate values

Five main values guide our team. These have an impact on the way employees conduct themselves both internally and outside the organization. They provide a common direction for the development and achievement of our different projects.

Our values are customer-based approach, professionalism, integrity, team well being and respect.

Customer-based approach

We are committed to maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction by focusing on a culture of performance and by providing quality services and products that address our customers’ needs.


We act responsibly and professionally by respecting our commitments and the resources entrusted to us, while taking full responsibility for the consequences of our decisions and actions.


Our interactions, actions and decisions are guided by a code of ethics that focuses on honesty, discretion, transparency, justice and equity.

Team well-being

We contribute to maintaining a harmonious and positive work environment by being aware that everyone’s well-being is a key condition of the organization’s success.


We treat people, resources and the environment with respect and consideration.