Travelling with Transcollines

Transfers between Transcollines and STO and OC Transpo routes

The monthly combined Transcollines pass (basic, student, senior) is valid on STO and OC Transpo routes. 

If you do not have a monthly combined Transcollines pass and intend to use STO or OC Transpo, you should note the following:

  • When you board Transcollines, you must pay the combined fare and ask for a transfer to STO. Click here for the Transcollines fares.
  • When you transfer to STO or OC Transpo, show the driver your STO transfer.
  • If you start your trip on STO or OC Transpo, you must pay cash or use a ticket (STO only) and ask for a transfer. You can then transfer to Transcollines by showing your transfer and paying an additional $2.00 when you board.

Please note that Multi card payments are not valid on Transcollines. In addition, you cannot get a transfer with an e-wallet payment. 

Transcollines passes NOT ACCEPTED on STO or OC Transpo

  • Transcollines Regular (Basic, Student, Seniors) monthly pass; and
  • Transcollines Intra (Base, Student, Seniors) monthly pass.

For additional information about fares, contact Transcollines

Getting a Transcollines bus pass 

Go to the Transcollines Service Centre or to one of the STO Service Points :

  • Transcollines Service Centre
    5 Principale Ouest
    La Pêche, Quebec, J0X 2W0

There is an $10 fee (no tax) for the purchase of a Transcollines bus pass.

Loading the Transcollines bus pass

Load your pass at the Transcollines Service Centre, or at an STO service point or point of sale.

Transcollines passes cannot be loaded online.

Remplacement Transcollines passes

Lost, stolen or damaged card
A new card will be issued. The credit balance on it will be transferred to the new card. There is a fee of $10 (no tax).

Defective card
A new card is issued to replace a defective card at no cost, with the same credit balance as the original one.

Where can you get a replacement card?
At any STO service point (redirection : Infos Pratiques /Points de service) or at the Transcollines Service Centre:

Transcollines Service Centre
5 Principale Ouest
La Pêche, Quebec, J0X 2W0