The Rapibus corridor

The Rapibus is a two-way corridor extending over more than 14.8 km, exclusively for use by buses. It links boulevard Lorrain and boulevard Alexandre-Taché. It helps serve the Gatineau and Ottawa downtowns.

There are 12 stations along the corridor. These are accessible and safe, and offer a number of amenities. 

Rapibus system illustrating the 12 stations and the projected extention to boulevard de l'Aéroport

Every station offers:


  • safe pedestrian crossing over the Rapibus lanes;
  • monitoring cameras; and
  • emergency intercoms connected to the STO control centre.


  • tactile warning strips along the boarding and disembarkation platforms to mark the edge of the area where buses circulate;
  • audio and visual systems on buses to announce the next stop;
  • access ramps to accommodate wheelchairs;
  • furniture placement that leaves enough space for wheelchairs; and 
  • push buttons to open doors to enclosed waiting areas.

District identification panels

  • The concept of a name, place and identity. These panels display the story and heritage of every neighbourhood associated with the station.


Safety along the Rapibus corridor 

The Rapibus corridor is reserved for buses. All other traffic is prohibited. Gatineau police can issue a $100 fine to anyone who fails to comply with the signs. Ensure your safety and that of our team by following the Highway Safety Code.

  • Use the sidewalks, bike path or streets leading to your station. Never walk along the corridor.
  • Use the pedestrian crossings. Wait for the pedestrian crossing light and make sure it is safe to cross.
  • At the intersections, follow the traffic lights.
  • At Station de la Cité, use the pedestrian overpass to cross safely.

For your safety at the stations

  • Monitoring cameras are set up in every station.
  • The stations and park-and-rides are lit.
  • Emergency intercoms are connected to the STO control centre. Use them if you run into a situation and require immediate assistance.
  • There are emergency intercoms in the Labrosse, La Gappe and Lorrain park-and-rides.

Intersections with the Rapibus corridor

Be vigilant when you approach an intersection with the Rapibus corridor. Follow the signs and the traffic lights.  


Most of the Rapibus stations provide free WiFi access