Sharing the road with a bus

Watch out for blind spots

Buses, because of their sizes, have blind spots at the front, back and on either side. It is impossible for the driver to see everywhere. Keep your distance to ensure that you are visible at all times.

Right turns

Buses need a lot of space to turn right. If you try to pass on the right, you risk getting trapped. Stay behind the bus.

Articulated buses

Articulated buses have even larger blind spots than standard buses. 

Did you know that...

On a dry pavement, a bus travelling at 50 km/h requires 29 metres to stop. 


  • It is forbidden to touch or hang onto a bus that is in motion or stopped
  • When driving behind a bus, keep your distance and signal your intentions 
  • Follow the signs and Quebec’s Highway Safety Code.

Sharing the road when riding your bike

When riding your bike on a road, stay to the far right, and ride in the same direction as the vehicles.  

  • Always be visible
  • Signal your intentions

Buses stop frequently
Be prudent, buses can stop at any time to load or unload riders.

At a red light
At a red light, make sure you are visible to the driver. When the light turns green, let the bus go first. 


You must always yield to the bus when the driver turns on the left turn signal.

 Ride in a straight line
There is a risk every time you change lanes. Avoid zigzagging between lanes, especially if vehicles are parked on the sides. 

Be careful when avoiding obstacles.